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GET REGISTERED NOW - For Our $50 Monthly Shopping Spree

The PRIZE is $50 in Stamart gift certificates. Please register on our home page, entering your full name (first and last) and current email address. We will select a winner the last day of the month and notify you by email. The email database will be cleared each register every month for the best chance to win (only one entry per month allowed). Please note: Stamart will not use your email address for any other reason than to contact you as a valued Stamart customer. You must have a registered email account to participate. The Shopping Spree contest may be discontinued at any time.
See our Privacy Policy for information regarding collection of your private details. Good Luck to everyone who enters!

- Card Carrying Members will automatically be entered into our monthly drawing for $50.

The PRIZE is $50 (or more) in Stamart gift certificates. By carrying a Stamart Fuel Saver Card you are automatically entered in a monthly $50 "Giveaway". Stamart will draw a new lucky Fuel Card number the first of each month from our base of outstanding card holders. The winning number will be posted on our web site. If this number matches the number on your Fuel Card, you are the WINNER! The winner can claim the prize by showing the winning card to their local Stamart manager.

If no one claims the prize by the end of the month, another $50 will be added to the "Giveaway" until the total jackpot reaches the maximum of $1000. Check often for current details and prize amounts. The Fuel Card Giveaway contest may be discontinued at any time. Check your card number against our in-store posted winning number notification or come back to the website each month and see if yours is the winning number displayed on our home page.
The prize amount will continue to build until someone claims the prize!

Our current drawing total is $500
The current Winning Fuel Saver Number is: 86277

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